Glenn Bonnet Photography | Patty


Today most of Maple Creek and area are saying their final farewells to an amazing woman, friend, mother, and wife. I decided that I would not be saying my final farewells to Patty today and probably not ever.


You see, since the very first day I opened the doors to the saloon, Patty was a burst of joyous energy that could come through the doors at any minute. Didn't matter if she was the only one in the bar it made for an instant fun time filled with memories. In the 5 years i have been here she has been a part of so many amazing memories. I can only begin to imagine how people that have known her for her entire life feel. 

As such, I've decided to keep her spirit alive in me by not saying goodbye but instead maintaining the glimmer of hope that each day might be the day she comes in here with her positive energy taking over the whole place. Any day might be the day she decides to tell me she wants to pickup a couple of extra shifts at the bar. And every day I will try my best to honour her spirit and amazing good nature by ensuring I live each day to its absolute most. Just like Patty.